Stripping and Waxing Vinal (VCT) Floor

We don’t skip corners we clean them! We’ll come one time or provide our floor maintenance program on a regular schedule to keep your facility looking great.


Stripping and waxing vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors is an important part of keeping your facility clean and taking care of your flooring surfaces. Dirt and debris coupled with friction from foot traffic can cause permanent scratches and chips, which are unattractive. These mars and chips take away from the visual appeal of your facility.

Keep your floors clean and looking their best with professional floor refinishing services. With Spotless regular floor refinishing, your floors will look their best and be protected from everyday wear and tear. Increase the lifespan of your floors and keep your place of business looking sharp and professional.

What to expect from stripping & waxing service

  1. Carefully move all furniture
  2. Thoroughly sweep or vacuum all areas
  3. Apply stripping solution on the floor                  
  4. Scrub the floor with machine to remove dirt and old wax
  5. Clean and mop floor thoroughly
  6. Apply 3-5 coats of floor finish

Floor maintenance program

At Spotless we provide a great floor care program. Whether your company requires floor cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we can customize a cleaning plan to fit your specific needs. Regular maintenance keeps your floor looking good and lengthens the life of your flooring.

Floor maintenance program includes

  1. Sweep or vacuum all areas
  2. Clean floor thoroughly
  3. Buffing floor to bring glossy shine
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