Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Rejuvenation

We clean and rejuvenate your hardwood floors. This service helps to protect and preserve the wood while extending the time before refinishing your floors.

Hardwood floors attract dirt and grit in high traffic areas. This leaves your floor looking less than perfect.

Excess built-up dirt permanently damages your hardwood floor and creates scratches and nicks. At Spotless Carpet Cleaning and More we can maintain your hardwood floors to preserve the beauty and depth of the wood surface.

Our wood floor cleaning and rejuvenation service provides the floor with a protective layer that prevents damage and maintains the wood floor surface for a longer period.

Water causes wood to expand and get ruined. Our protective wax will prevent water from being absorbed by the wood. Our protective floor wax also gives you an extra layer of protection against scrapes and scratches.

What you can expect from our Hardwood Cleaning and Rejuvenation Service

  1. Carefully move all furniture
  2. Apply masking tape to trim and walls
  3. Remove or apply masking tape to vents and floor plugs
  4. Vacuum floor with soft attachment
  5. Remove previous wax buildup
  6. Thoroughly clean floor area
  7. Apply wood floor finish
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